Huiskamer Bij Katrien

Their main purpose is to offer a place where all inhabitants can meet, young and old, disabled, poor etc. Not only to meet and do leisure activities, but also to give chances for unemployed, apprenticeship places and give possibilities for starting entrepreneurs.
Inhabitants can use the place, without paying rent, but the only question is: ”What can you do for Bij Katrien?”


One founder and many freelancers.[/tab][tab title=”DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES”]In the center of the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, near the famous cathedral of Sint John, is located since September 2015 “De Huiskamer van Katrien”, an initiative of inhabitants. The foundation Bij Katrien already existed, but this new location offers more opportunities.

What is their main purpose?
They want to be a place where all inhabitants can meet. A place for old and young , disabled, poor, rich, different cultures, employed or unemployed. Not only to meet but also for leisure activities. Also to give chances for unemployed, apprenticeship places, and possibilities for starting entrepreneurs.
This initiative is based on the model of social enterprise: making social impact through a independent budget.

To start Bij Katrien has gained subsidy from two funds, one from the local government and one from a national fund. The purpose is that Bij Katrien will be financial independent within three years.

Bij Katrien has started in 2013. 600 unique people have found their way to Bij Katrien since. 125 social interns gave helping hands and 15 volunteers joined Bij Katrien.
Bij Katrien has partnerships with formal organizations, initiatives in the neighborhood, eduction on several levels and trade and industry. The number of participants and co-operation partners is still increasing.

Bij Katrien is flourishing.
The local government is partner in this development. It’s a learning process for the both of us. The local governement is interested because Bij Katrien brings brings different worlds together. Welfare, finance and peoples every day responsibilities.


For possible social services now and in the future.


The LTD has had start-up funding from the local government. They (temporarily) use a building from the government. Als funding from other sources.
After 3 years they will be financially independent from government funds.


Several entrepreneurs, social organizations and inhabitants cooperate with Bij Katrien.
The leading idea is: ”bring some and take some….”. It’s more like trading. This way you can make new connections and serve society.




No limitations


We listen to the stories of the visitors and also to the stories of organizations who participate. We measure the amount of visitors, users of the building, activities etc.


The purpose is that they want to create social impact, but on a entrepreneurial way. So you have a kind op problem/purpose and on the longer term you don’’need money from the government, but have a solid financial bases.


Bij Katrien has ended her exploration. Now there is the next step for consolidation.


Make connection with several stake holders in the city. Know and connect with interesting networks. Learn from others. (Local government can bring social enterprises together to learn). Spread the word and don’t give up.


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