“Jetzt erst recht”

Anything is possible with social enterprise

And we couldn’t finish without mentioning the Brexit outcome of the UK referendum. It remains headline news, every day, and it is very difficult at this time to forecast our future. Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive of Social Enterprise UK has said that “there is no blueprint for Brexit. No country has ever left the EU, so we have no real idea just how bumpy a ride the economy is in for.”

For any project or social enterprise which relies in part on EU funding, these are tense and uncertain times. However, we know that our partnership, amongst many others, has created extraordinary and worthwhile outcomes through our European co-operation and we look forward to carrying this forward in new and interesting ways. The UK Minister for Universities & Science has highlighted that the UK referendum result does not affect organisations considering applying (for new projects and funding) in 2017. This reassurance means that all of the planning and work necessary to submit future good quality applications can continue – so let’s not hold back from seeing where ESSE can lead us in the future.

And as Peter Holbrook suggests, “social entrepreneurs are nothing if not adaptable and I have faith that most leaders of social enterprises will see whatever lies ahead as a challenge rather than a threat.”

Anything is possible with social enterprise!

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