Macken takes advantage of resources that people no longer want or society do not really need. Macken is a cooperative. Through its programs and products the activities of Macken shows that you can combine sustainability and integration with Entrepreneurship.

And we couldn’t finish without mentioning the Brexit outcome of the UK referendum. It remains headline news, every day, and it is very difficult at this time to forecast our future. Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive of Social Enterprise UK has said that “there is no blueprint for Brexit. No country has ever left the EU, so we have no real idea just how bumpy a ride the economy is in for.”

ESSE has joined forces with another exciting EU project to create synergy and help with testing and disseminating each other’s products. I SEE YOU’s project’s aim is to develop the entrepreneurship skills and competences of unemployed young people from seven European countries (Austria, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom), who have an interest in creating their own social business and have an affinity for IT – one of the most important business sectors from EU. The two projects will share their training outputs, expertise in the field of social enterprise connection and peer mentoring support.

Their main purpose is to offer a place where all inhabitants can meet, young and old, disabled, poor etc. Not only to meet and do leisure activities, but also to give chances for unemployed, apprenticeship places and give possibilities for starting entrepreneurs. Inhabitants can use the place, without paying rent, but the only question is: ”What can you do for Bij Katrien?”

The third ESSE Europe management meeting was held in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands in May 2016. Much of our time was spent further developing our ESSE outputs: the Train the Trainer course aimed at teachers and vocational educators; the Best Practice case studies; and establishing a social network for social enterprise educators.

Social label cocreates design products as a key for new perspectives of vulnerable groups. The project kicked off in 2011. Motivated by social changes and the quest for alternative ways to live and work together as part of a cultural festival in September 2011.

The world is facing many serious social and ecological challenges. At the same time we see a large amount of socially driven starting professionals facing youth unemployment. They want to bring about positive change but do not know how to do this and where to start. They lose themselves in job applications and hopelessness in a labour market that is locked.

Our mission is to catalyse, generate and innovate solutions for the social good, in order to promote change and generate new social entrepreneurship and social impact. Anthropological and ethnographic research, services and products design and testing are at the basis of our actions with communities and networks.